Hi, my name is Carmia Cronjé, a South African graphic designer and the founder of Clementine Creative. I have a passion for graphic design, stationery, pretty colours and patterns. That’s why Clementine Creative was born! Not only do I run this shop, but I also specialise in designing brand identities for creative entrepreneurs. If you are in need of a brand new look for your small creative business or blog, please get in touch!

How I started my business

After I graduated Graphic/Web Design in 2007, I discovered blogs and websites of freelance graphic designers, and some of them have already started freelancing while still attending university. I found it amazing that people hired them even if they have never met them before. I became increasingly interested in working for myself rather than for a boss. I did go for a few job interviews, but it just never felt right. I couldn’t picture myself having a 9 to 5 office job.

In 2009 I decided to start studying again – this time BA Communication Science through a distance learning university here in South Africa. My studies kept me busy, but when I had some free time I would keep reading articles about freelancing and improving my design skills by trying out different tutorials.

In 2011 I launched this website, my printable stationery shop. This is my baby. I love designing stationery and other downloads, and sharing them with the world. I started this shop because I can design anything I want, and it allows me to make passive income.

When I finished my degree in 2012 and finally had time to work on my freelance design business full-time, I decided to try out Elance – a website where freelancers can find work.

As soon as I would complete a job there, I would write a case study about it on my graphic design blog. A few months later people would start finding my website through Google search and ask me to design something for them.

This is where everything started. I later ditched Elance, because now I was getting all my clients through my blog.

My journey hasn’t been easy, but it’s been worth it. I can’t imagine myself doing anything else.

Elsewhere on the web

Do you need a designer? I specialise in creating brand identities for creative entrepreneurs. Hire me here.
You can find my DIY wedding stationery templates and other printed goods on Zazzle.
My printables are also available on Etsy.
Want to send a digital invitation, e-card or announcement? Check out my designs on Greenvelope.com.
You can make your own designs on Canva by using my layouts! See my Canva profile.
The Hungry Jpeg – coming soon!


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carmia cronjé

Random facts about me

  • I live in sunny South Africa
  • I have very small hands and feet. I wear a UK shoe size 4 (US size 5)
  • I’m a follower of Christ
  • My first language is Afrikaans
  • I don’t own a single pair of high heels
  • I love animals more than humans, and I’m not ashamed to say it
  • My name, Carmia, seems to be of either English, Hebrew or Latin origin. It either means song, garden or orchard
  • My surname, Cronjé is of French origin and the original French spelling was Cronier
  • Both my parents are high school teachers. My dad is also a cartoonist and artist
  • I’m an introvert and proud of it 😉
  • When I am not designing you can also find me reading, surfing the web, going for walks, watching series, and spending time with my boyfriend of 8 years.