How to Make an Inspiration Board

how to make an inspiration board

What is an inspiration board?

An inspiration or mood board can be used to gather all the pieces of photos, cards, fabrics, etc that inspire you. It helps you to flesh out ideas before starting a new project. An inspiration board can be a corner, a shelf, a wall, a noticeboard or any type of board where you can stick things onto. Paste anything on this board that you like. Putting an inspiration board together helps you organise your thoughts when you are distracted by too many stuff out there!

How do you put an inspiration board together?

Take ideas from anything. Look for pictures in magazines, books, and images you found online. Focus on the type of style that you like. Paste all of your collected items on your board. The more items you have, the richer the inspiration will be.

Inspiration boards can be very usefull in Interior, Graphic and Web Design. Interior Designers make a mood board before they start designing a new room. They gather photos of the type of furniture they want it the room, the paint colours, fabrics, etc. Graphic or Web Designers can also first make an inspiration board of all the things they like and the look and feel they want the design to have.

If you’re planning a wedding, creating an inspiration board of how you want your wedding to look like can also be very helpful. Think of the colour scheme, the flowers, the style of dress you like, etc.

What can I put onto my inspiration board?

Collect textures, fonts, patterns, fabric, photos, art, flowers, paint swatches, postcards, buttons, wallpaper etc.

Your ideas will come much faster to you if you have an idea of what you like.

Where can I get inspiration from?

1. Fashion. Page through fashion magazines or go to a clothing store.
2. Stationery (gift wrap, postage stamps, letters, cards)

make typographic gift wrap

Man Made DIY

postage stamp coasters

Jessica Jones

3. Fabric

bright fabric pencil case tutorial

Little Big Girl Studio

4. Art

make wall art yourself

How About Orange

Other places: nature ,industrial design, photos, jewelry

Examples of inspiration boards

decor 8 blue inspiration board

Decor 8

black and white inspiration board

Home magazine South Africa | special issue 2010

aqua and red wedding inspiratin board

Blush Printables

inspiration for clementine creative logo

Inspiration for my own logo

bright colours inspiration board

Home magazine South Africa | special issue 2010

blue inspiration board

Decor 8

romantic inspiration board

Home magazine South Africa | special issue 2010

lemon yellow inspiration board

Decor 8

sparkle inspiration board

Bowties and Bliss

lemon yellow inspiration board

Decor 8

lemon yellow inspiration board

Decor 8

valentines day inspiration board

Zucker Monarchie

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