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The Joyful Self-Care Planner

Are you ready to feel happier, healthier, and calmer?

A 20-page self-care printable planner PDF to help you take care of your body, mind, and spirit so that you can live your best life

self-care printable planner


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self-care printable planner

from a happy customer

“I truly love my new self-care trackers. They are fun very beautifully designed and easy to use. Thank you!”

Vida B.

This self-care planner was designed for women who struggle with anxiety and have trouble taking care of themselves 🙋🏻‍♀️ *raises hand*

Can you relate?

Do you tend to put your own needs last?

Do you struggle with anxiety or depression?

Are you stressed and burnt out due to overworking?

With this self-care planner, you will finally be able to start making self-care a priority in your life.

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This self-care planner will help you to:

✨ Make time for yourself ✨

✨ Nurture yourself first ✨

✨Prioritise healthy meals ✨

✨ Manage stress  

 Follow a weekly skincare routine ✨

✨ Track your moods  

✨Take care of yourself emotionally ✨

✨ Feel happier, healthier and calmer 

Practising self-care will be easier when you have this self-care planner to help you incorporate it into your routine.

Once you have started the habit of taking better care of yourself, it will become second nature!

These worksheets are simple and easy to use and won’t overwhelm you.

What are the benefits of self-care?

It reduces stress

Increases happiness

Calms the nervous system

Improves your sleep

Makes you a better caretaker of others

Gives you time alone to reflect

Are you ready to practise more self-care?

Here’s what you’ll get in the Joyful Self-Care Planner

self care planner
self care goals worksheet
self care printable workbook
printable mood tracker
self-care challenge book
printable wellbeing planner

Grab the planner now for a reduced price!

self-care printable planner

Start your self-care journey

License: Personal-use 

Total value: $99

Regular Price: $22

This price will expire in...

This is a digital download and that is awesome…I only print the ones I need and can print them repeatedly. The quality is elegant yet classy…I don’t care for clutter and there isn’t any 🙂 Excellent customer service! I’m still amazed at how easy the transaction went and how quick I had my items. Looking forwards to seeing what else she creates!”


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what's included?

Mood tracker
This printable mood tracker with colour-in gemstones will make mood tracking fun! Why track your moods? You will be able to identify the triggers that affect your mood. What lifts you and brings you down? Use this mood tracker together with your journal so you can correlate your moods with what you did each day.

Habit tracker
Want a general habit tracker that will track all your everyday habits? Write or type in your habits every month and check them off. Small steps are the key to reaching big goals. You’re on your way to reaching those big goals! You’ll receive a weekly and monthly habit tracker, so you can choose which one suits you best.

Wellness tracker
Started a new diet or fitness plan? Keep track of your weekly wellness habits with this printable wellness tracker. Remember to drink your vitamins, 8 glasses of water, eat well, exercise and have some time for yourself.

Sleep tracker
How many hours do you need each night? This printable sleep tracker will help you track your sleeping habits and see if you’re getting enough sleep and how you can improve.

Beauty routine tracker
This printable beauty routine tracker can be used to track and remember your skincare or hair care routine. If you started a new routine, it’s easy to forget the steps. With this handy tracker, that won’t be the issue.

Goal tracker
This page will help you plan out your goal and break it down into steps so you know exactly what you need to do first.

Meal planner
Reduce overwhelm by planning out your meals in advance and you’ll be more likely to make healthy food choices.

Workout planner
Plan your workouts ahead of time so you can reduce overwhelm.

Self-reflection page
Take care of yourself emotionally and check-in with yourself each week.

Self-care ideas
36 self-care ideas so you never run out of ideas

♥ My year in pixels

♥ Gratitude tracker

♥ Therapy notes

♥ Medication tracker

♥ Anxiety tracker

♥ Vision board

♥ Self-care plan

♥ Self-care resources

take a closer look at what's inside!

Grab the planner now for a reduced price!

self-care printable planner

Start your self-care journey

License: Personal-use

Total value: $99

Regular Price: $22

This price will expire in...

“So lovely. Thank you for your beautiful work.”


“This is really helping me focus on my self-care and self-love. It has lovely graphics, and there are pages for therapy, setting goals, and reflection. This journal fits in perfectly with my life.

Belinda F.

Hi! It's nice to meet you

I’m Carmia Jordaan, the designer behind the Joyful Self-Care Planner.

It is my mission to motivate you to design your best life. This planner was created with you in mind. Hours and hours have gone into designing it to make it functional and beautiful. I hope you enjoy using it and that you find it makes you calmer, happier and healthier.


“I am really happy with this fantastic planner! I have been using it every day and it’s just one of the best planners I have ever purchased and I own a lot of them!”


Grab your planner today

self-care printable planner

Start living your best life

License: Personal-use

Total value: $99

Regular Price: $22

This price will expire in...

🥳 wahoo! who doesn't love Bonuses?

With your purchase you will get these bonus goodies for free:

– 3 gorgeous art prints and 5 self-care quote to inspire you

– 4 stunning binder covers

🤔 Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Joyful Self-Care Planner?

This is a 20-page printable self-care planner PDF that you can print at home or upload to a copy shop like Office Depot to get printed for you.

What sizes will I receive?

US Letter size. You can also print it on A4 paper.

How will I receive this planner and in what format?

After your payment has been processed you will instantly be able to download the planner in ZIP format. You will need to unzip it on a computer. You will also receive an email with a download link.

Do I need any software to open a PDF document?

Yes, but it’s free! You will need to open these PDF pages in a PDF viewer like Adobe Reader. 

What are the terms of use?

You can use and print this planner for your own personal needs. It may not be sold, altered, or distributed.

If you require a commercial-use license, you can find that here.

How do I print these pages?

Step-by-step printing instructions are included in your purchase.

Is it possible to type in my text on the PDF and change the graphics?

No, this planner is meant to be filled in by hand and used as-is.

If you’re looking for an editable version of this planner, you can find my Self-Care Planner Template for Commercial-use here.

What if I’m not happy with my purchase?

I offer a 30 day money back guarantee, so if you find that this product hasn’t helped you, I will issue you a full refund.

Will this planner be shipped to me? 

No, this is a digital download which means no physical items will be shipped. The stationery in the photos are for display purposes only.

Can I import this planner into Goodnotes?

Yes, you can import this planner PDF into digital note-taking apps like Goodnotes, Noteshelf, and Notability. 


“I love the simplicity of the design, and the flexibility of printing out the pages I need. After using the planner for just a couple of days I knew I had found my perfect planner.

I would highly recommend this planner to anybody looking for one.”


grab your planner now!

self-care printable planner

You’ll receive:
Joyful Self-Care Planner PDF (20 pages)
Bonus: 4 binder covers
Bonus: 3 art prints and 5 self-care quotes

License: Personal-use

Total value: $99

Regular Price: $22

This price will expire in...

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