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If you’re anything like me you love watercolour artwork. Learning watercolour painting has been on my mind a lot lately and luckily there are so many watercolour painting tutorials these days that it’s easy to get started! I rounded up a few watercolour painting tutorials I found and would like to try out sometime. Maybe these can help you as well!

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Want to learn watercolour painting? Check out these 12 free beginner-friendly tutorials.
Scroll down for the links to these tutorials

I tried to find some watercolour tutorials that show you what to paint step-by-step, making these tutorials perfect for beginners.

Watercolour painting supplies

Do you have your supplies ready yet? If you don’t, here are some of my recommendations:

Alright! Got your supplies and a clean desk to work on? Let’s get learning!

Get started with watercolours: Free watercolour painting tutorials

1. Abstract watercolor painting for beginners by Fox + Hazel

If you love abstract art, you’ll love this tutorial. This is a simple but striking watercolor painting that you can hang up and frame. See the tutorial here.

abstract watercolor painting for beginners

2. How to Paint Snowy Watercolor Pine Trees by Kristin Miller

This step-by-step tutorial will show you how to paint this beautiful snowy forest scene in watercolor. This piece will look great as wall art. See the full tutorial here.

snowy watercolor pine forest tutorial

3. How to create watercolor flowers by Anna Maria Locke

If you want to learn how to paint loose and modern watercolor flowers, this tutorial is for you. You could use your new skill to make wedding invitations or greeting cards. See the full tutorial here.

how to create watercolor flowers

4. Watercolor Spring Tree Tutorial with Crumpled Paper by A Piece of Rainbow

You don’t need any art experience to paint these spring trees. It’s amazing to think they were created with crumpled paper! See the tutorial here.

watercolor spring tree tutorial

5. How to Paint Watercolor Agate Slices by Persia Lou

I love the bright blue shades used in this watercolor tutorial. You could use other bright colors too like green, pink or purple! See the full tutorial here.

how to paint watercolour agate slices

6. Watercolour Cactus Painting Tutorial by Inkstruck Studio

If you love cacti, you’ll love this tutorial. You will learn how to paint these loose cacti in various colors. I love the addition of pink! See the tutorial here.

watercolour cactus painting tutorial

7. How to Paint a Watercolor Feather in 4 Easy Steps by DearAnnArt

Anna from DearAnnArt creates amazing watercolor painting tutorials. Here she shows you how to paint a watercolor feather step-by-step.

8. How to Paint a Watercolor Pear by Elise Engh

This tutorial shows you how to paint this gorgeous watercolor pear. The artist shows you exactly how to paint from a photo or real-life object. You’ll learn where to place the highlights and the shadows. See the tutorial here.

how to paint a watercolour pear

9. Easy Watercolor Portrait by Elise Engh

Have you ever wanted to paint a portrait of your kids? This tutorial shows you how to make it ridiculously easy. You can hang the finished piece in your home! See the tutorial here.

easy watercolor portrait

10. Watercolor Blending Techniques for Beginners by Inkstruck Studio

If you’re new to watercolors, this guide will show you how to blend watercolors. See the tutorial here.

watercolor techniques for beginners

11. How to Paint Watercolor Autumn Leaves by Shayda Campbell

How beautiful are these Autumn leaves in watercolor? The season of Autumn has always been my favorite. 

12. Paint Loose Watercolor Florals by CeeCee

If you want to paint loose watercolor florals, this tutorial is for you. These paintings will make great Mother’s Day cards.

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13. How to paint easy watercolour sunflowers

Watch this video by Emily Wassell to teach you how to paint striking sunflowers with watercolour.

13. How to high-heeled shoes with watercolour

Here’s another step-by-step tutorial from Dear Ann Art showing you how to paint watercolour stilettos!

I’m a huge fan of learning to paint using videos because you can see everything in real time, step-by-step. Here are two of my favourite beginner-friendly watercolour painting classes from Skillshare.

More Watercolor Painting Resources

1. Watercolor Basics Online Class

This class is perfect for anyone brand new to watercolour. Juliet teaches you the basics of watercolours, what supplies you need, and blending techniques. At the end of this short class you’ll have learned how to paint these fun patterned note cards. I highly recommend it. See the class here.

watercolor basiscs for beginners online class

2. 10 Easy Watercolor Projects Anyone can Paint

Peggy Dean is one of my favourite Skillshare teachers. She shows you everything in an easy-to-understand manner. In this class you will learn to produce adorable illustrative watercolor paintings in no time flat. Because each project is broken into its own segment, this class will be perfect for those who don’t have a lot of time to spend learning in one sitting. See the class here.

watercolor painting for beginners online class

3. Learn to Paint Botanical Watercolors with a Modern Twist

One of the top teachers on Skillshare, Cat Coquillette, teaches how to paint these modern botanical watercolor art pieces. This class is for beginners and advanced level artists. I love the bright colors used and the whitespace used. See the class here.

learn to paint modern botanical watercolor paintings

4. Modern Watercolor Techniques

I love Ana Victoria’s bright and colourful painting style. In this course, you will learn how to paint a colourful galaxy using watercolors. No previous experience is necessary, just an enthusiasm for watercolors.

This course on Domestika contains over 3 hours of video content. Once you have purchased it you own it and keep access to it forever! There are no monthly fees. See the course here.

modern watercolor techniques

5. Vibrant Floral Patterns with Watercolors

In this course by Anna Lau, you will learn how to create a floral pattern composition with watercolors and apply it to a product or stationery. This course on Domestika contains over 2 hours of video content. Once you have purchased it you own it and keep access to it forever! There are no monthly fees. See the course here.

P.S. I did another roundup of MORE free watercolour tutorials!

free watercolour painting tutorials

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12 free watercolour tutorials. Get started watercolouring today!

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